Standards-Based Process

At Rossi Craft, we focus on what really matters to you. With concentration on standards-based technology developed collaboratively with our industry partners, and a dedication to reducing costs through innovative improvements in technology, we consistently provide our customers with superior value.

We believe that technology is key to providing our customers with relevant, high-value products and services by focusing on standards, we give our customers the benefits of extensive research and development from an entire industry – not just a single company. Focusing on standards gives our customers the benefit of flexibility and choice.

We Partner With The Best Product Manufacturers

Want to match existing equipment? Have a preferred brand? Need your project to be the best within budget? Rossi Craft has the flexibility and manufacturer relationships to deliver. We’re not tied to a few big names in audio equipment and acoustics. We don’t represent products to sell products. We have the experience and we do the research to custom tailor an audio solution that meets your needs. Our partners are the best in the business: Soundcraft, Martin, Bose, Clear-Com,Crown, QSC, Shure, Pioneer, EV, Otari, Sennheiser, Smason, Meyer Sound, RAMSA, Anchor, Eventide, Lexicon, PAS, Aphex, Audiologic, Telex, Yamaha, JBL, AKG, Rane, Fostex, Crest Audio, and more.


Contract or Consulting Based Installation

We provide expert installation by certified, experienced technicians. We can provide installation through a consulting basis or by contract.